31 May 2009

Plein Air Workshop / May 09

We recently had the honor of holding a Plein Air landscape painting workshop on the farm where I live near Maleny. The workshop was lead by Peter Hudson, who is a multi finalist of the Australian Archibald Prize, and one of Australia's finest painters of portraits and landscapes. I am sharing some photos of the weekend with you here on this blog. It was a great success, with 12 of Maleny's finest artists gathering for great art, great views, great food and great times. Hope to hold many more events like this as the years unfold. Very inspiring. The workshop was organised by Ken Munsie, fearless leader and entrepreneur extraordinaire of COMA [collaboration of Maleny Artists].

Denni, painting on the tree corridor

Charmaine, painting on one of the decks at the cabin

Peter Hudson giving constructive advice

Stef, took on the whole vista

Looks good to me, said Sonja

22 May 2009

Olive Oil, Bread, Lemon and Two Olives

oil on canvas / 1 2 x 24"

The challenge here was reproducing the gold alfoil on the bottle.
Finding the right yellows and combinations of warm
and cool colors, create the perception of fine creases,
and retaining a brushy finish. I don't wish to end up with
a photographic realist painting, just a realistic painted finish.

19 May 2009

Two Sweet Potatoes ...in a field

Two Sweet Potatoes ...in a field
oil on canvas / 12 x 16"

What is it about the humble sweet potato that says,
"don't paint me,
I'm an ugly old thing that lives under the ground.
I taste sweet,
I actually look great,
if you take the time to see beyond
my dirty face and my bumpy body.
I'm so sweet and bright on the inside,
but don't paint me that would be just too kind.

Perhaps you could find another one
as lonely as I am and we could be painted together ..."

12 May 2009

Donut with Chocolate and Strawberries in a Paper Bag

Donut with Chocolate and Strawberries in a Paper Bag
oil on canvas / 12" x 16" [deep frame]

THE STILL LIFE DIET: Great way to lose weight,
buy a fabulous donut in a brown paper bag,
delight in the sight of it, decide to paint it,
until it's just too old to eat.

11 May 2009

Apple ... with a bite taken from it


Apple ... with a bite taken from it
oil on canvas / 5 x 7" [deep frame]

The original apple: I posted a photo of the original apple because, this apple with the bite taken out of it is now about two weeks old when I took this photo. I stopped eating the apple, and decided to paint it mainly because it didn't taste like an apple. It tasted rubbery, and without flavor. This photo of the inside of the apple still so white, after days of sitting in the open air, proves to me that the apple has been tampered with either genetically, or with gas or some sort of preservative to sit on shelves in the big corporate supermarkets. Aaargh!

03 May 2009

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit / oil on canvas / 12" x 12" [deep frame]

Otherwise known as the "Strawberry Pear" Wow, what a creation this is, a fruit that can fan itself, on a hot day.