08 July 2009


Lovely Post by Australian Ceramic Artist Shannon Garson of Strange Fragments Blog:
Thought I would share with you here...


There's something human about that garlic!- the paintings of Wendy Van der Drift

Wendy Van der Drift posts a painting a day on her blog "Painting Daily" Her beautiful paintings reference old masters and dutch still life painting.
What I like is that her composition and subject matter is modern and humorous. There's something human about that garlic!



jimgottuso said...

beautiful paintings, i particularly like the last one with the ginger. looks like she's studied the palette of the masters... it's a somewhat lost art these days and i think there's only a handful of painters worldwide that really understand "seeing color" in the old master painter's sense. nice paintings.

There is something so soothing about Wendy's work. Even the Clay work she has posted is calming somehow.
Yup. Yup. Very nice.
Vibrant and juicy also spring to my mind when I see her paintings.
Great thing this internet!
Cheers from a 1st generation Canadian Dutch Woman on Vancouver Island.

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