21 September 2009

Pear on the Easel


Back to Work ... Pear on the Easel

Well, much has happened since my last posting, I've had a great exhibition at Maleny Artworks Gallery in Maleny. I've had the Swine Flu, I've hurt my back in the hospital while having Swine Flu and I've taken a long time to recover. Still not completely back to my old self, but walking around a little. So it's back to work, and back to the studio. My first little painting, a 5 X 7" oil of a lovely organic Pear I found with a single leaf at the local Co-op market in Maleny. I also found 5 friends with leaves, but they may have waited a little too long to be painted. So this is it for now. I have some other paintings to post, but haven't had time to photograph them yet, not too far off tho.

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